My name is Amelia Catherine Svec and I am a naturalist illustrator. I illustrate nature in a scientifically accurate, yet aesthetically beautiful fashion so to help people have a better understanding and appreciation for all creation that has been designed by an intelligent creator.

I approach this matter by providing my artwork in three variations: scientific illustrations, fictional (illustrated in a non-fiction way), and in notecards.

My goal for my drawings has always been first for educational purposes with the intent for appreciation of beauty. This educational approach to drawing helps me really study the anatomy and physiology of the organism. Whatever I am learning, I aim to make it visible to others, focusing on the specific details for the viewer to see clearly.

By using the fictional approach, the fictional creatures are depicted in a non-fictional fashion so to achieve the same goal: to illustrate educationally to help enlighten and appreciate living creatures. In my "Neraidology" (The Study of Fairies) collection, I created these fantasy beings in our world so that if people can be curious and find awe in these creative, fantastical creatures, then they would find our own earthly creatures, that already occupy the same biological niche, to be just as fantastic. 

Finally, printing my artwork in multitudes via notecards provides the opportunity to let not only myself share the beauty of God's creations, but also allowing everyone to share amongst themselves.